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About Us

Crafted to Conquer, Delivering Badass Adventures Nationwide

Our mid size jet boat manufacturing shop is proudly based in Alberta Canada, with a small sales location in the Las Vegas, and dealers popping up across the US. We are strategically placed to reach you wherever your adventure takes you. Specializing in hand-crafted smaller to mid size aluminum jet boats for ripping up 3″ shallow creeks, challenging rapid river runs or smooth wide open bodies of water, our dedicated team of professionals meticulously builds each boat from scratch, ensuring exceptional quality, durability and badass boat for our customers. Compact in size, super tough in construction, and with 3 ranges of high horsepower motors, our boats are tailored for hunters, fisherman, cruisers, explorers, or just guys who want to tear sh*t up. Committed to exceeding your expectations, we provide the best possible experience we can and we ship our badass mini jet boats across North America.

Before we forget, did you know we are the ONLY builder to offer a 3 year / 480 hour warranty on our new factory direct BRP motors. No one else even comes close. Our motors are not used and taken from a PWC.

Mike and the crew.

Mission: Badass Adventure Begins Here.

Welcome to Bulletproof, where our mission is simple but powerful: crafting jet boats that are nothing short of badass. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, our boats are engineered for years of awesome experiences and adventures. We’re not just in the business of building boats; we’re dedicated to building the toughest SOB’s on the market. Our commitment extends to providing unprecedented customer service. Every boat we create is a custom masterpiece, meticulously designed to meet clients’ exact needs and wants, turning ordinary moments into epic adventures. With a focus on quality, toughness, and our customers satisfaction, Bulletproof sets the standard for fast, supercharged water adventures.

Vision: Where Safety meets Supercharged.

At Bulletproof, our foundation rests on values that prioritize client safety and satisfaction. We excel in crafting supercharged boats that redefine fast and fun. Meticulous attention to detail threads through every aspect of design, fabrication, and testing. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, ensuring that every boat undergoes thorough testing before it hits the water. Being transparent, honest, and openly communication with our clients, ensures we constantly exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to safety and quality mirrors our passion for the water and adventure, making each Bulletproof boat a true testament to the thrill-seeker in all of us.

Values: What life is all about.